WordPress training in Hyderabad WordPress training in Hyderabad

 wordpress training in hyderabadWordPress training in Hyderabad

Learn CSS3 Course online from SEO Skills Academy Hyderabad.

WordPress is one of leading  free open source blogging, website design tool and content management system.   WordPress can be used to create a traditional blogging site. it can also be used to create a standard website for business or personal use.   This course focuses on creating websites using WordPress.  You don’t need have any  previous experience on web or graphic design knowledge .  This course is structured in a way to help all students, regardless of their experience, learn WordPress for SEO SKILLS.

*students interested can download the WordPress and XAMPP Server for   this course.

Student can able to do:

At the end of the course all students can able use all Properties and Values in CSS3 and also:

  •    Set up a domain and hosting account
  •    Set up a MySQL database on their server
  •    Install WordPress on the MySQL database
  •    Plan their website by choosing color schemes, fonts, layouts, and more
  •    Search for themes in WordPress
  •    Select, install, and activate a theme
  •    Add posts to their website
  •    Create website pages
  •    Add images, photo galleries, and more
  •    Create tags for SEO and categories to organize their posts
  •    Use WordPress as a content management system (CMS)
  •    Use widgets and plugins
  •    Create an ecommerce site
  •    Integrate WordPress with social media
  •    Customize a WordPress site using PHP, CSS, and HTML

·       Lesson 1: Introduction to CMS Systems (WordPress)

WordPress is a free open source blogging tool and content management system. You can use WordPress to create a blogging site where you will create and publish blog posts to share with visitors. However, you can also use WordPress to create a traditional w

·       Lesson 2: Gathering the Right Tools for the Job

The preparation we’re going to help you with in the next few lessons will save you the time, error, and aggravation that a new user may face when using WordPress for the first time.

·       Lesson 3: Setting up for WordPress

Before you can start creating your WordPress site, you must first acquire a domain and hosting for your site so that WordPress can be installed on your server.

·       Lesson 4: Installing WordPress

Once you have registered your domain and purchased a hosting plan, you are ready to install WordPress on your server and upload your files.

·       Lesson 5: Exploring Graphics and Images

Graphics and images are a very important part of your website. In fact, they are a very important part of any website.

·       Lesson 6: Understanding Fonts and Colors

Although content is very important, the way your website looks will determine whether visitors stay to look at the content–or leave your site just as quickly as they can.

·       Lesson 7: Planning the Layout of Your Website

In this lesson, we’re going to focus on planning out the important aspects of your site’s design.

·       Lesson 8: Selecting a Theme for Your Website

In this lesson, we’re going to talk about choosing a theme, as well as how to work with the default theme.

·       Lesson 9: Adding Content to a WordPress Theme

It’s the content that you add to your site that will get your visitors’ attention, make them want to read (or watch), and compel them to visit all of your pages.

·       Lesson 10: Making a Blog Look Like a Website

What if you want your WordPress site to look like a regular, traditional website? We’re going to teach you how to do that in this lesson.

·       Lesson 11: Exploring WordPress Plugins

You can use a plugin to turn your website into an ecommerce site; to add photo galleries and portfolios; to integrate web forms and social networks; and much more.

·       Lesson 12: Exploring the World of Templates

We’re going to provide an overview of PHP and MySQL so you gain a basic understanding of both in regards to how they function with WordPress.

·       Lesson 13: An Introduction to CSS and HTML

In this lesson, we’re going to introduce you to CSS, as well as HTML. This will help you if you want to further customize your website.

Hope the above information will give to some idea about <strong>WordPress Course</strong> and Course Content about WordPress  Course

Learn WordPressCourse online or Classroom Model. SEO Skills in Best Institute in Hyderabad With 10+ years of Experienced Trainers available to teach WordPress  Course with industry standard course content.

4. How much time will it take to complete the course on line?

  1. Maximum duration of the Course will be 7 to 10 Hours.   
  2. The course fee is 1999/-
  3. Mode of Payment Single mode.
  4. Course materials will be provided and class notes also will be given.

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