wordpress installation step by step with pictures

    Word press Install Step by Step Guide for beginners

    Word press install on XAMPP is 3 steps procedure and one minute task it works fine for me , I am sure it works every one.

    word press three steps install guide

    1. Download and Install XAMPP
    2. Download Word press
    3. Create Database and Install word press

    How and Where can I Download XAMPP and Word press?

    XAMPP will take 5 to 10 minuets to download (it depends on Internet Speed)

    Here are the links


    download wordpress

    Step1. XAMPP Download and Installation Guide

    XAMPP Installation is very user friendly and easy to install go for default setting while installation. SO here is Screen how it goes while installation is going on..

    xampp-installation on PC

    (it’s old Screen you might get different then above don’t worry the end result will be good.)

    One The Installation is Completed you will find XAMPP Folder in your installed Directory . Here is Screen Shot of the XAMPP.

    XAMPP install drive

    Ref. FIC:: XAMPP installation drive in my Computer .

    Step 2. Word press Download and Installation Guide

    Here is Word press version and size of the .RAR .

    Word press version 2016

    Once the download is Completed you can extract it (very simple to extract here is live preview)


    if you don’t have WINRAR you can simply download by clicking the bellow link

    win rar download

    Simply Copy the word pres Folder and Paste in

    C://XAMPP -> htdocs 

    if you want you can rename the word press folder as your site name, but here   i am usign as a default name.

    Step 3. Guide to Creating Database on XAMPP Server

    Note: To install word press  you need to create Database on XAMPP .

    To create database you need to Start XAMPP Control Pannel and then start Apache and My SQL Serveres.

    Goto to C://XAMPP -> xampp-control.exe and Double click on this icon to start XAMPP .(See the Bellow Screen)

    XAMPP Control panel

    Once both Services are running successfully (it will change to green color) you can start creating database on XAMPP.

    open any browser (i will prefer Google chrome ) type the bellow url

    localhost/phpmyadmin and then Enter it will take to Php myadmin dashboard.

    you find Databases click on create Database and then add database name and click on go.(see the bellowscreen)creating-database-in-XAMPP

    Enter Any Name i Used Database name as ” myDB ” and click on the Create Button. That All it will Create.

    Now you are Ready to go..

    to install word press type the following URL.


    it will show you the WordPress install Screen as bellow.


    Select and follow the steps  as shown in Above video.

    Next Screen it will ask you Database name and database password.(see the Screen bellow)


    Then Click on the Submit. Here in Run Install Screen.


    Here is word press login screenwordpress-login-screen

    Here is your final dashboard


    Thanks for reading. i Hope this helps you to install word press on XAMPP.

    All the Best!