White Hat SEO vs. Black Hat SEO

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    What is White Hat SEO? 

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    SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. White hat implies that the company uses best practice methods to achieve high search engine rankings.

    White Hat SEO companies comply with search engine guidelines. The methods yield better results in the long run and efforts are steady and ongoing.

    White Hat SEO companies take the time to research, analyze and subsequently re-write meta tags, content and may offer a slight redesign of the website and page names.

    Black Hat SEO is the Website Promotion Consultant who uses black hat SEO techniques for getting a high ranking in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for the website. They follow these commonly popular black hat SEO techniques such as cloaking, spamdexing & automated website page generation techniques to influence search engine keyword ranking results.

    What is Black  Hat SEO? 

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    Black Hat SEO  methods tend to achieve rankings quickly, but are not long-lasting. The methods used by Black Hat SEO companies go against current search engine guidelines.
    Black Hat Companies will make promises such as “We guarantee #1 ranking on Google!” Black Hat SEO can get your site banned, so watch out!
    How can you avoid working with Black Hat SEO companies?

    What is ethical SEO? 

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    Ethical SEO can be defined as search engine marketing using only techniques and strategies that search engines consider to be acceptable.

    White hat SEO professionals always follow the webmasters guidelines suggested by the search engines for the better search engine ranking placement.
    Always choose White Hat SEO for your website promotion, because smart search engines tracks every activity of your website, for this kind of issues they already have automated algorithm and if they found any Black Hat Techniques in your website then your website will be definitely penalized by the search engines in term of decreasing search engine ranking or complete index out from the search engines.

    Here are a few tips: 

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    • If they promise you #1 search engine ranking, don’t walk—RUN away! Not even Google itself can guarantee a ranking position!
    • Did the SEO Company contact you? If so, you should question that, in and of itself, since most reputable SEO Companies are too busy to query website owners for SEO work.
    • Ask someone to refer a good SEO company locally, or interview a company you find on the internet and find out how they operate. Research. Don’t trust blindly.
    • you don’t know HTML, you can ask someone you know who has experience with HTML to view the source codes on websites that the SEO company has optimized.
    • you find tiny text, invisible text or you notice that the page background is the same color as the font, then you stand the chance of having your page banned from Google Search.
    • References!
    • you get stuck and you need a consultation, contact us. We offer complimentary 15 minute consultations on web design and search engine optimization.

    Who is SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) and what they do? 

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    SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) is a person or a company who do the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website for the better placement in the major search engines. Search Engine Optimizer or SEO Consultants job is to increase the Search Engine Ranking in the different search engines and optimize your website by considering the current search engine Ranking Factors (Search Algorithm) to gain better keyword ranking for maximum business benefit. Search Engine Optimization is the continuing ongoing process because Search Engine updates their Search Engine Ranking Algorithm time-to-time.