What is User Interface Design?

What is User Interface (UI):

Let’s begin this, the Shifu way. Try recalling the feeling you get after using a website, application, or product, which is a delight to both eyes and use. Let us tell you a secret, ensuring that the king of visual experience is a mixture of various researches, brainstorming, principles, feedback, and many sleepless nights.

User Interface (UI), as the name suggests, is a junction where a user interacts with a system, physical, or software to perform a certain task. It can also be termed as the interactivity point for a product. And that interaction has to be an awesome one.

UI design, on the other hand, ensures that interaction is well-tailored and efficient for the effective completion of the user’s tasks. You don’t need to scratch your heads; it’s just the beginning. Things will get more clear as we progress further.

UI Design & Its Importance :

In the absence of clear instructions, the user will surely be confused about their next course of action and end up with a frustrated mindset. Ultimately, they’ll quit and won’t even try logging back in. Do not worry, UI design is on its way to rescues. Let’s figure out how and what it does.

UI design is an iterative process, a discipline for designing interfaces comprising of proper elements, how they are placed, their look and feel. This ensures the product is easily accessible, understandable, and attractive at the same time. It creates an emotional impact on the user.

We can see a question popping up on the right side of your head asking- why, why,  why does it matter?

Ohh, it matters, trust on this image on a login page, after entering the details, the submit button is somewhere on the top rather than just below the password text field and is not even clearly visible, won’t it be a headache? This will lead to a bad experience overall.

Let’s figure out the importance of UI Design over the next slides.

Good UI design leads to better usability. The logical positioning of UI elements (button, link, etc.), the font & style used, the chosen color theme many more, together eases the use of the product. This makes the product more functional and less complex, enhancing the usability for the targeted users, it is crucial for user acquisition and retention.

Good UI design generates a positive emotion Emotions have a powerful impact on our perception. The more we feel connected, the more we keep coming back to something.

A good design can help us achieve that. The soothing color theme of a meditation app triggers peace; the flashy color palette for a kid? App gets them all excited.

A good design can help us achieve that. The soothing color theme of a meditation app triggers peace; the flashy color palette for kids? App gets them all excited. It creates a sense of satisfaction in the user.

Good UI design = Great business A happy user is a powerful magnet. With a design that justifies a brand in every aspect, from the logo to the chosen typography, color layouts, graphics, and placement of UI elements are capable of creating a ‘WOW’ moment for the user. Which they couldn’t resist promoting or spreading to their fellow peers.

Good UI design creates a powerful brand identity.

When everything runs around the internet, a functionally correct + appealing website is preferred, even over the big billboards. Users compare and judge over the website you have to present the services you offer.

A good UI design helps create a firm belief in the user and the necessary talent, tools & services you offer.

The relation between UI & UX :

I don’t like the UX of the product (by UX, the user meant UI). If they had been talking about UX, they would say, ‘This application is difficult to use,’ I didn’t like the experience very much. UI and UX are the most interchangeable used terminologies in the design industry that walk hand in hand for any product, brand, or business to be a big hit.

User Experience encompasses all aspects of the end-users interaction with the company, its services, and its products – Don Norman & Jakobe Nielsen.

It is how and what the user perceives and responds while interacting with a product. It’s a collective experience of the entire product journey. How wowed the user is after completing his tasks, defines the product’s success rate.

User Interface, on the other hand, is the interaction point for any product. It deals with both the presentation and interactivity. UX is a process, while UI is deliverable is up to the mark, the process should also be smooth and uninterrupted.

UX Design is a process, while which involves extensive research on all aspects of user interaction. it deals with understanding a user’s psychology and cognitive behavior, whereas UI Design is a discipline that enhances the aesthetics and responsiveness of a product, making it more efficient.

UI design is like the chocolate sauce over a hot brownie, while UX is the feeling you get while wobbling onto that brownie. UX is the entire process, and UI is just one layer to that process, increasing efficiency, and usability