Top 10 social media tools for digital marketers 2017

    Top 10 social media tools for digital marketers 2017

    When any organisation is planning to   launch brand new  social media marketing campaign, the first step is to measure the size of the social activity on the web. When you see the numbers of possible customers (who fit your demographics, products, technology ,and technographics) you can reach using social tools, it’s usually a need little brainstorming so that you campaign will prodice good result. Fortunately, several strong online tools show how to measure social activity on the web. Many of these tools are free and serve as a good starting point for your listening and research efforts. But remember, no single tool is perfect for capturing web usage. Therefore, it’s always useful to use multiple tools together to get the better data.

    Here are top 10 social media tools for your digital marketing campaigns

    #1. Hootsuite

    One of the main complaints that most business people have about social media is that it takes a lot of time — time that they don’t have. Hootsuite is popular because it acts as a dashboard for all your social media activities. You can link up your accounts (Hootsuite has links to more than 25 platforms) to get data, listen to your followers, and plan marketing activities from one location.

    #2. Google Blog Search

    As it does with everything else it provides, Google presents you with a single search box in its Blogsearch application, thereby simplifying the search for blogs. You can find, for example, lists such as recently updated blogs, trend discovery, and more. Of course, this list is outdated the minute you search it, but it gives you a good indication of the ongoing activity.

    #3. Buffer

    This is another app that enjoys great popularity because of its ability to automate social media delivery. After linking your accounts, you can choose when to deliver your posts (individually for each account). You can also choose items to post directly from your browser (Chrome, Safari, or Firefox) or your mobile device. Another plus is that you can get data about the response to each of your posts to determine how on target they were.

    #4. Tweepi

    Tweepi is a great tool for managing your Twitter account. Twitter promotes responsible rules in the effort to prevent spammers, and the Tweepi tool
    works within those rules to help you analyze your engagement with your followers. You can look at each Twitter user at the individual level so that you can judge whether it is still a good fit for you.

    #5. Quantcast

    Quantcast is an independent media measurement service that finds basic traffic patterns for mainstream and niche social networks. What’s valuable
    about Quantcast? It serves up free reports on audience composition, making your job as a market researcher easier. You can find a list of the top
    million sites and then dig deeper to find where your audience goes online. Alternatively, you can compare sites via a search box on the home screen.

    #6. Compete

    Compete is a web service owned by Kantar Media that allows you to view and analyze websites’ statistics. You can check out site profiles for approximately 3 million websites and determine the number of monthly visits and percentage of change month over month. The Pro version unlocks a large amount of additional data, including demographics and income. The site also maintains a ranking list that is useful.

    #7. Nielsen BuzzMetrics

    BuzzMetrics is a monitoring service for the social web. According to Jon Gibs, vice president of Media Analytics, BuzzMetrics is focusing on the social
    web to determine not only who is sending the message but also who is listening to it. In that way, the service can determine a meaningful measurement.

    #8. comScore

    comScore is a high-end web service for analyzing websites’ statistics. It offers a wide variety of in-depth services to measure audience participation. comScore has a very good library of presentations and white papers that you may want to check out. It also has a data mine from which it publishes info graphics that are terrific to use in your own presentations.

    #9.YouTube Insights

    Insights is an easy-to-use tool built into YouTube (owned by Google). it gives you a great summary of activity and shows you such things as demographics and popularity among competitors. To access it, you need to log in to your account or create one if you don’t already have one. Look at the links across the top of the page and choose Insights.

    #10. Facebook Insights

    Insights is a valuable Facebook tool to help make the data from Facebook trackable. Until this tool’s introduction, determining exactly what was happening in your “corner” of Facebook was difficult. With this suite of analytics tools, you can find data about such things as demographics and readership. Facebook developers can dive even deeper. There are two main sections  Users and Interactions  so that you can determine what actually works with your particular readers.