Top 10 must read social media blogs 2017

    Top 10 must read social media blogs 2017

    In this article you will discover Top 10 must read social media blogs 2017 can’t do justice to the wealth of information online that covers social influence marketing. Still, you have to start somewhere, and here are ten of our favorite blogs that help us further our own thinking in social media marketing and advertising. You’ll notice that these blogs are listed in alphabetical order. They’re all so good that we didn’t want to rank them.

    #1. Brian Solis


    Brian Solis is a principal analyst at Altimeter Group and a global thought leader. He is also a best-selling author of such books as What’s the Future of Business? He’s always on the cutting edge of business and technology, and his blog is an important read.

    #2. Chris Brogan

    Here’s a man who truly fits the archetype of social media guru. He lives and breathes social media. We like Chris’s blog for its unfiltered, passionate, and reflective commentary on how social media forces businesses  large,medium-size, and small ones  to engage with their customers differently. It’s an unadulterated look at the social media space from someone who isn’t working for a large company but rather for himself. Filled with passion and raw insight, it’s definitely a good read.

    #3. Copyblogger

    Brian Clark started this blog in 2006 with emphasis on teaching. His philosophy is that by educating your clients, you can help them understand why
    they should buy from you. This blog is always on top-ten lists and worth your time.

    #4. Going Social Now

    Going Social Now is coauthor Shiv’s blog, covering all things social media marketing. He focuses on the trends, influencers, and the roles they play, the evolving advertising formats, consumer engagement, and social technologies. He also discusses digital marketing more broadly. The blog serves as a resource for you, the reader, and includes 101 explanations and links to even more wonderful resources beyond the ones we mention here.

    #5. Marketing Profs

    This blog has a university-level set of articles, podcasts, guides, videos, and webinars. It offers both a free level and a membership level. If you make an effort to peruse the content, you will find information on almost any marketing topic. Ann Handley is at the helm as Chief Content Officer, and she does a wonderful job of keeping everything on the cutting edge. In addition, her book Content Rules, with C.C. Chapman, is a must read.


    This is the go-to blog for the latest in news and information. It covers not only information about social media, but also the companies that make up the industry. It follows tech, entertainment, and even stories that you’ll be discussing at lunch with your friends. The blog curates the must-read stories in a variety of digital areas.

    #7. Razor Social

    This blog is written by the talented Ian Cleary. His tagline is “Sharp insights on social media tools and technology.” He really delivers on this promise. He is constantly able to find new tools and remind you about the use of old favorites that you’ve forgotten about. What makes this blog so useful is that he chooses timely topics for social media marketers in search of new ideas.

    #8. Seth Godin

    This blog is a must-read for all marketers. Seth is ahead of almost everyone in his thinking about both the digital future and how to make the most of marketing right now. He has been writing his blog since 2002, and it’s as fresh and powerful now as it was at the beginning. Also, don’t forget to check out his list of extensive marketing books.

    #9. Social Media Examiner

    This blog is written by talented author Michael Stelzner and lots of great guests. It’s billed as “your guide to the social media jungle.” The Examiner tackles the thorny issues surrounding social media and relentlessly offers solutions. The blog is written in an easy style that is sure to help you learn while you have fun.

    #10. The Visual Marketing Revolution

    The Visual Marketing Revolution is coauthor Stephanie’s blog and is devoted to the use of visual content in all your social media marketing activities. The continuing creation of visual platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr makes this a hot topic. Many marketers are just getting started in this area, so the addition of curated articles adds to the diversity of opinion. The categories include brain studies, creativity, storytelling, and visual thinking.


    (This is great info taken from social media marketing ebook author Shiv Singh)