How Search Engines Dominance helps in SEO?

    How Search Engines Dominance helps in SEO?

    Google, Yahoo and Bing rule the world of search engines. While google dominates over Yahoo and Bing by covering over 64% of the search engine
    market. Google started as a completely free search engine today its services are far and wide. If you look carefully you will find that there are very few people in the world using internet and computers who are not in google’s spell.

    Let us not take our discussion off the point and see why search engines dominate the web. For searching anything we go to the web and type keywords these keywords bring search results from the search engines database and shows it to you.

    The whole process of SEO revolves around keywords. With searches coming from all over the world it has become more and more difficult to rank high in prominent keywords so a long tail approach in keywords is used to rank well for words that are not very popular but are used still.

    How to rank in search engines and What Search Engines like?

    Search engines like google has become very popular and over the time dominant. You may have build the best website or blog but there is no
    guarantee that you will rank high in google’s search engine unless you spend money on their google adsence or some SEO expert. To rank High on google we need to fallow the principles listed bellow.

    #1.High quality PR Links pointing to your website

    Google believes that you are a good website if your sources are good.

    #2. Good Keywords

    You have to select keywords and since people all over the world will be competing against what you think is the right keyword it
    is very hard to be show in search results.

    #3. Amount of Traffic

    If you are not getting traffic then it means your website or blog is not good as search engines prefer websites which are popular.

    #4.Social Media

    Now days all search engines look for social reputation that your website or blog has. You should have high links in facebook, twitter and other social websites.

    True Facts about SEO 2017 Always Keep in Mind

    • It is very hard to rank high for good keywords.
    • The density of keywords is an important factor.
    • High PR (Page Rank) websites are very strict and sometimes rude in including your website or blog or they charge money.
    • There are many false websites who can help you raise your rankings in social media websites but they will make it down as soon as you leave.
    • Building reputation and SEO takes time.
    •  Search engines can penalize your website if they want for example theydo not like affiliate websites.
    • You cannot generate fake traffic as they will know from which source the traffic is coming from.
    • Never buy links from Fiver
    • Write fresh content which user can share and black link
    • always keep an eye on new updates (moz news, search engine land, search engine journal and other press releases )

    (The source from author Saurabh Gupta in his book traffic)