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What is a wireframe?

A wireframe is a simple structural representation of your website/product. It is a static and low-fidelity representation to understand how the screen elements would be laid out.
Need some clarity around your design? Take a pen and paper and draw out the ideas in your mind. In layman’s terms, it is a visual representation of your understanding of the product.
It is a very important element of interaction design. It helps you gather feedback and approvals from stakeholders in the early stage of the design process.
You can easily map out the priority content and arrange elements on the screen/page to understand the connection among them. You can connect them and find out the various paths a user would Traverse.

Paper wireframes

With the evolving technology, we have lots of great tools are available for drawing wireframes. They say it correctly; a pen is mightier than a sword. For wireframes, it can also be a pencil.
Paper Wireframes, as the name suggests, deals with carving wireframes on paper. It turns out to be very effective in terms of defining the structure. Just grab a pen and paper and start sketching.
They are usually black and white scheme sketches focusing on the basic picture of the project. Box and lines are used to define UI elements.

Benefits of paper wireframes

Less Effort- paper wireframing saves you from a lot of effort to learn graphic design tools and then put your ideas into the picture. With this little effort, a business can shape its products in the early stages of collaboration.
Easy to Share- Just take a few printouts and distribute them across the team to discuss. Changes can be made accordingly after the discussion. You can even take a picture and add it to your digital board like on in Vision.
Cost-Effective and less time-consuming-It is cheaper as most issues can be solved on the paper itself. Saves you from time-consuming technical challenges- For example- For knitting down the smallest details in the design, you might have to research to achieve and then implement it.