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Photoshop online course in Ameerpet

Photoshop course covers, making pro selections, retouching images, color corrections, animated GIF’s, Edit video, automate taks, handoff to developers, design for social, design for print publications and more..
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Photoshop online course in Ameerpet ,Hyderabad

What you’ll learn in this training course

• Tools and Workspace
• Production tips and tricks
• Image editing
• Using Bridge with Photoshop
• Selection techniques
• Painting and Retouching
• Color Correction
• Layers and Masking

Module 1: Navigating Photoshop Workspace

Workspace, Tools, and Panels
Opening an existing document in Mini Bridge
Discovering the Tools panel
Accessing tools and their options
Using panels
Customizing your panels
Hidden tools
Navigating the image area
Using the Zoom features
Maximizing productivity with screen modes

Module 2: Organizing and Managing your Files with Adobe Bridge

Navigating through Bridge
Using folders in Adobe Bridge
Making a Favorite
Creating and locating metadata
Opening a file from Adobe Bridge
Searching for files using Adobe Bridge
Saving a Collection
Automation tools in Adobe Bridge

Information Architecture and Wireframing

Why do we need Information Architecture?, Advantages of Sketching and Wireframing, Prototyping and its types, Usability Testing
UX Handoff.

Module 3: Working with Selections and its Options

The importance of a good selection
Using the Marquee tools
Changing a selection into a layer
Working with the Magic Wand tool
The Lasso tool
Adding to and subtracting from selections
Adding to and deleting from the selection
Saving a selection
Feathering a selection
Using the Quick Selection tool
Making difficult selections with the Refine Edge feature
Using Quick Mask
Copying and pasting a selection
Using the Pen tool for selections
Converting a path to a selection

Module 4: Working with Painting and Retouching Tools

Setting up your color settings
Color primer
Understanding color gamut.
The RGB color model
The CMYK color model
Editing color settings
Selecting colors
Starting to paint
Using the Color panel
Using the Brush tool
Changing opacity
Using the Brush Presets
Using the Airbrush feature
Applying color to an image
Changing blending modes.
The Eyedropper tool
Retouching images
Using the Clone Stamp tool
Repairing fold lines
The History panel
The Spot Healing Brush
The Healing Brush
Using the Patch tool
Using the Clone Source panel
Cloning from another source

Module 5: Working with color correction methods and tools

Choosing your color settings
Working in RGB
Reading a histogram
Making the Curve adjustment
Defining the highlight and shadow.
Locating the White and Black Point
Inputting the white and black point values
Adjusting the midtones
Setting the neutral
Sharpening your image
Taking care of red eye
Using the Camera Raw plug-in
Using Camera Raw controls
Saving a DNG file
Reopening a DNG file

Module 6: Using Content-Aware Tools in Photoshop

Adding image area
Viewing the on-screen ruler
Converting the Background into a layer
Scaling the background
Content-Aware Fill
Content-Aware Move
Content-Aware retouching

Module 7: Introduction to Photoshop Layers

Discovering layers
Selecting layers
Moving layers
Changing the visibility of a layer
Using masks in a layer
Preserve transparency
Creating a composition
Moving images in from other documents
Creating a layer mask.
Editing the layer mask
Cloning layers
Aligning and distributing layers
Applying filters to layers
Creating a type layer
Applying a layer style
Creating a clipping mask
Filtering your layers

Module 9: Working animations

Introduction about animations

Types of Animations

Timeline Panel and its options

Creating Animation and Saving as GIF

Frame by Frame animation

Tweened Animation


Module 10: Working with Automation

Introduction to Actions and History

Elements of Actions Pannel

Creating an Action and Applying on Document

Using Pre Defined Actions

Third-party Paid Actions

Using Droplet Command

Using Batch command

and other image processing scripts and options



Module 11: Working with Video and 3D

Importing Video

Editing video

Working with Transitions

Exporting Video

Working with Audio and Audio options

Intro to 3D, and 3d Tools

3D panel options, Extrude, Twiest, Light and shadow etc.

Module 12: Portfolio Design and Freelancing




online portfolio tools and websites

online freelancing web sites and profile setup tips and tricks

Ravindra Reddy

Instructor Profile

Hello, my name is Ravindra Reddy, I am from Hyderabad, India.
I am a UI UX designer with 4 years of visual design and UI UX Design experience and 16+ years of experience in teaching graphic design and Web design and SEO.
Skilled at using design systems like color, typography, grids, UX process like research, wireframes, prototyping. Confidence using tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere, Adobe XD, Figma, and flexible using of HTML, CSS, Adobe Dreamweaver, WordPress, Google Analytics, and SEO.

Adobe Photoshop Course Duration, Course Fee, and Course Topics

Adobe Photoshop Course Duration: 1 Month

Alternate Days: 1 Hour Class and 30. Min Handon Practicals

Monday to Friday Classes

Total No Hours: 15 to 20 Hours

Adobe Photoshop Course Fee: 7500 INR

Adobe Photoshop + Adobe illustrator = 13500 INR

Adobe Photoshop + Adobe illustrator Duration = 1.5 Month

What you’ll learn in this training course

Adobe Photoshop Tools

Color correction

Skin Retouching

image manipulation

GIF Animations

Creating 3d Objects


Video Editing

Automation scripts


Menu Commands

Designing for Web

Designing for Print

Saving and optimization

Image compressions

  • Online
  • Classroom
  • Weekend