best html training in hyderabad

    best html training in hyderabad

    best html training institute in hyderabad

    SEO Skills Academy provides HTML Training  online or classroom training.  This course will help you to learn building web pages using HTML. HTML is Language for building webpages and one of easiest and most powerful markup language to start learning programming skills.

    HTML contains set of Formatting tags, Layout Tags and Multimedia Tags using these tags we can able to design or build web pages .

    Who can Attend the Course?

    • Web Designers
    • User interface designers
    • Web developers
    • Mobile App Designers
    • Mobile app developers
    • WordPress Developers
    • UX designers
    • Web site owners
    • SEO professionals
    • Digital marketers
    • Freelancers
    • Coders
    • in face any one want to Explore their knowledge in creative domain

    What’s new in HTML5 and CSS3

    • New Semantic Tags
    • New Audio and Video Tags
    • new form tags
    • Graphics (Canvas and SVG).
    • media Queries
    • Animations
    • Transitions
    • Custom Fonts
    • Shadows and Borders

    HTML and CSS Course Contents

    • Web Development Basics
    • Static vs Dynamic Web pages
    • HTML Versions
    • HTML Doc Structures
    • DOC types
    • Basic Formatting Tags
    • List Elements order , un order and Definition list
    • Types of links
    • Working with images
    • Tables
    • Types of Layouts
    • i frames
    • Frame-sets
    • Meta Tags
    • intro CSS
    • Types of Selectors
    • ID Selectors , Class Selectors and Type Selectors
    • inline , Embedded and External Style Sheets
    • Box Modelling
    • CSS positions
    • CSS Floats
    • CSS Animations
    • CSS transitions
    • CSS Shadows
    • media Queries
    • DOM inspectors
    • Advanced Selectors
    • Creating Website Using Tables
    • Creating a Web Site Using Div’s
    • Creating a Website Using Frames.

    Duration of The Course

    • The HTML and CSS course will take approximately 15 to 20 hours to Complete.

    Learning Mode: 

    you can learn HTML and CSS either online or classroom mode.

    Course Completion Certification?

    Yes, we provide course completion certification at the end of the course from SEO Skills Academy. if you are looking for adobe certification we will guide you the process for both Expert and Associate Level.

    Trainer Profile?

    The course will be tough by industry expert with more then 15+ years of experience on Graphic and Mar comm Industry.

    Class timings?

    All courses which we provide will take  One Hour per day and it will take 20 to 25 days to complete the course.

    How much doe’s it Cost?

    The Course cost will be 5000 INR. if you have a group of 4 to 5 people we can make it as a 3500/- Per Head.

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