adobe illustrator tutorials in telugu

    adobe illustrator tutorials in telugu

    What is Adobe illustrator ?

    Adobe illustrator is one of the great programs to create vector graphics and illustrators for web and print media. Using adobe illustrator we can create wide variety of art works and graphics for web, print, mobile, video and 2d animations and we can easily import or place in any adobe product without any compatibility issue. we can also use adobe illustrator to create low and high fidelity wire frames for multiple devices. .AI is native file format for Adobe illustrator and .PDF and EPS are best file formats for commercial printing. png, jpg , .svg and .gif are other formats can be used to web.

    What is Vector Graphic ?

    Vector graphics are made up of line, points and curves that are stored as mathematical formulas in a computer. They are scalable, which means they can be re-sized without losing image quality these are best fit  for print because we can create small logo it can be printed on large hoardings and flex broads without losing Quality.

    What are Native file Formats in adobe illustrator ?

    We can save any illustrator document as bellow formats

    • .FXG (Adobe Flex Application Compatibility)
    • .AI (Adobe illustrator Document)
    • .PDF (Portable Document Formats web and Print )
    • .AIT (Adobe illustrator Template for Re usability )
    • .SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic for Web and Mobile)
    • .SVEZ (Compressed version of SVG).

    What is Max page limit in Adobe illustrator ?

    • We can create 100 pages at a time in Single Document in illustrator they called as art boartds. if want more pages adobe in design is best option.
    • The Max Page size in adobe illustrator is 227.54 inch

    Here is Few list of Vector Graphic file Formats Table.

    Vector Graphic File Formats
    Format Name File Name Extension Format used in
    Windows MetaFile WMF Older Windows applications
    Enhanced MetaFile EMF Newer Windows applications
    Adobe Illustrator AI Adobe Illustrator
    Apple’s Picture Format PICT Macintosh computers (and PCs)


    EPS High quality postscript printers
    Scalable Vector Graphics SVG Web animations

    Here are the key topics you will learn in Adobe illustrator in Telugu.

    • Elements Work space
    • Document types
    • Selection tools
    • Drawing tools
    • Shape and Spline tools
    • Graph and Perspective Grids
    • Distortion and Symbols
    • Clipping Masks and Blends
    • Brochure Design
    • Logo Design
    • Web Template Design
    • Icons and Animations


    many more..