adobe illustrator training in hyderabad


Adobe illustrator Training

Adobe Illustrator Course Description 

Adobe illustrator  Course Overview:

In this course, you will learn step-by-step instructions and in-depth explanations of the features of Adobe illustrator  CS6. You will first learn how to get started with adobe illustrator. Knowing the differences of Raster and vector graphics. colour models  for web and print media (RGB VS CMYK ). Creating documents for web, print, film, video etc. Using Selection tools, drawing tools, painting tools, synbols, distortion tools, 3d objects, masks, blends , envelopes, compound objects, graphics,animations and Hyperlinks and many more interesting features in Adobe illustrator.

Target Students: 

This course is intended for students who are looking to became graphic designers, freelancers to work online like fiveer, odesk, E-lance, 99 designs etc. digital marketers, info graphic designers, icon designers, web designers, motion graphic editors, marcomm professions, corporate communications managers, hrs any one to add extra creating thinking and knowledge to their professional career.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Create marketing materials.
  • art works for web, print and mobile devices
  • designing brochures, flyers, business cards, icons, leaplets, t shirt designs, mock ups etc.
  • e mailers, news letters
  • Brand identity designs
  • Integrate external files from other adobe products like Photoshop, indesign and flash etc.

Selections Tools in Adobe illustrator

  • selection tool
  • direct selection
  • group selection
  • selection lassos
  • selecting stray points
  • magic wand selection

The Pen Tools in Adobe illustrator

  • pen introduction
  • convert anchor point
  • additional and sub anchors
  • joining anchors

Layers and Grouping in Adobe illustrator

  • layers introduction
  • organizing layers
  • selecting layers
  • grouping layers
  • group selection
  • duplicating layers
  • sub-layers
  • collect and flatten
  • creating templates
  • placing paths

working with Stroke and panel

  • stroke basics
  • capitals and joining
  • the dashed line
  • scaling strokes

Working Type tools

  • the type tool
  • area type tool
  • path type
  • vertical type tool
  • block text
  • rows and columns
  • wrap text
  • missing font
  • creating outlines
  • spell checking
  • font attributes
  • character palette
  • formatting paragraphs
  • type transformation

Using Shape Objects

  • rectangle tool
  • rounded rectangle tool
  • ellipse tool
  • polygon tool
  • star tool
  • flare tool
  • the spaz modifier

Working with Transformations

  • scale tool
  • scaling patterns
  • rotation tool
  • rotating a pattern
  • reflect tool
  • twist tool
  • :sheer tool
  • reshape tool
  • :re-positioning art

Using Aligning and Distributing

  • object alignment
  • mouse directed movement

Line Tools prime

  • line segment tool
  • arc tool
  • spiral tool
  • rectangular grid tool
  • polar grid tool
  • spaz line tool
  • moving lines

Compound Path and Clipping Mask 

  • clipping masks
  • clipping paths

Applying Color to Objects

  • color introduction
  • adobe color picker
  • color palette
  • swatches palette
  • color picker theft

The Pencil Tools

  • basic pencil tool
  • smooth tool
  • eraser tool 

The Brush Tool

  • paintbrush introduction
  • calligraphic brush
  • art brush
  • pattern brush
  • loading and saving brushes


  • gradients introduction
  • editing gradients
  • gradient libraries

Transparency and Masking

  • object opacity
  • targeted transparency
  • transparency clipping
  • transparency masking
  • knockout group
  • blending modes

Enveloping and Meshes

  • envelope introduction
  • using the warp
  • using the mesh
  • utilizing the top object
  • text distortions
  • envelope options

Smart Guides and Rulers

  • rulers introduction
  • creating guides
  • smart guides
  • extruding text
  • mart guide options
  • grids
  • measure and info tools

Scissor and Knife

  • the scissor tool
  • the knife tool


  • pathfinder shape modes
  • using pathfinders


  • liquefy tools
  • more lignifications

Appearance and Styles

  • styles introduction
  • multiple strokes and fills
  • converting effect to shape
  • group appearance
  • the text bug
  • distort and transform
  • offset path effect
  • pathfinder effects
  • rasterizing
  • document Rasterzation
  • stylize effects
  • pixel effects
  • warp effects
  • moving and linking styles
  • sticky styles
  • reducing and clearing styles
  • making and saving styles
  • over-riding character color


  • filter introduction
  • creating trim marks
  • pen and ink
  • more lignifications

The Blend Tool

  • blending introduction
  • blending multiple objects

Charts and Graphs

  • creating graphs
  • changing the graph type
  • coloring graphs
  • styling type
  • column designs
  • value divisions
  • design markers
  • other line graphs

RGB and Screen Graphics

  • rgb introduction
  • snap to pixel
  • moving snap pixel

Saving for the Web

  • viewing for the web
  • web prep overview
  • sizing images
  • saving as jpeg
  • matting a jpeg
  • saving as gif
  • making a lossy gif
  • gradients and gif
  • saving as swf
  • swf problems
  • saving as svg
  • svg effects

Slicing for the Web

  • creating slices
  • slice options
  • optimizing slices

Image Maps

  • creating image maps
  • saving and previewing

Symbols and Symbol

  • symbol introduction
  • creating custom symbols
  • building blocks
  • symbol sprayer
  • symbol shifter tool
  • symbol scruncher
  • symbol sizer
  • symbol spinner
  • symbol stainer
  • symbol screener
  • symbol styler
  • saving default symbols

Image and Photoshop Integration

  • placing images
  • linking
  • photoshop layers
  • type for photoshop
  • photoshop shapes

Auto Trace Feature

  • auto trace
  • auto trace preferences

Customizing the Keyboard

creating your own shortcuts