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Adobe illustrator course in Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad, India.

SEO skills an digital design and branding education IT training institute located in Mehdipatnam Hyderabad, India. Provide Adobe illustrator course in Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad, India Location online due to Covid.se as a designer portfolio.

Adobe illustrator course in mehdipatnam hyderabad india

Adobe Illustrator Training Course - Overview

In this introductory Adobe Illustrator course, you’ll learn how to use Adobe Illustrator to create high-quality vector illustrations, logos, flyers, emailers, social media design, and other custom artwork. This course is for anyone who needs to understand the adobe illustrator Essential tools and drawing features that are available in Adobe Illustrator.

What you’ll learn in this training course

• The Illustrator workspace
• Essential Illustrator tools and panels
• Working with color
• Working with Type
• Using the drawing tools
• Gradients and additional color options
• creating 3d Objects
• Grids and Layouts
• Working with layers
• Working with Blends and Gradient meshes
• Working with Patterns and Envelopes
• Working with Mockups
• Working with Filters and Effects

Adobe Illustrator Course Content

Module 1: Navigating illustrator Workspace

Exploring the interface
Choosing a workspace
Opening a file
Using artboards
Changing your view
Zooming and scrolling
Using tools and panels
Exploring the Control panel
Working with panels and the dock

Module 2: illustrator Basic Essential Skills

Using the shape tools
Repositioning and resizing shapes
The Transform panel
Constraining a shape
Entering exact dimensions
Selecting artwork
Using the shape and transform tools
Introducing layers
Cutting and pasting objects
Repeating transformations

Module 3: Working with illusttrator Color options

Exploring the Appearance panel
Changing colors
Adding effects
Using Live Paint
Adding a symbol
Saving swatches
Selecting the same color
Creating a color group
Using the Color panel
Adding Pantone colors

Module 4: Using the DrawingTools its Options

Understanding the Pen tool
Straight, curved and hinged lines
Tracing images
Creating a tracing template
Working with Image Trace
Using the Line, Pencil and Eraser tools
Editing existing paths
Adding and removing points
Cutting and joining paths
The Shape Builder

Module 5: Working with Gradents, Pattrens and Color Guide

Adding tonal values with gradients
Customizing an existing gradient
Saving a gradient
Using the Gradient panel
Updating a gradient
Creating a pattern
Applying a pattern
Editing a pattern
Locating existing patterns
Using the Color Guide

Module 6: Workign with Typography and Formating Content

Formatting text
Paragraph formatting
Using paragraph and character styles
Editing styles
Putting text on a path
Warping text
Putting text in a shape
Creating outlines
Checking to spell
Using Find and Replace

Module 7: Workign with Layes and Panel features

Getting to know the Layers panel
Using layers to organize an illustration
Selecting using the Layers panel
Creating new layers
Showing and hiding layers
Locking and unlocking layers
Rearranging layers
Moving items between layers
Remembering layers when pasting
Creating a template layer

Module 8: Working with Effects

Working with 3D Effects

Extrude, Bevel and 3d Rotate

Convert to Shapes

Distort and Transform effects

Path and rasterize Effects

SVG Effects

Warp options

Stylize Effects



Module 9: Working with Blends and Gradent Mesh

Rules of creating a blending

Types Methods to create a blend between objects

Making and Releasing blends

Expanding Blends

Replacing blend to  spline

Reversing blend order

front to back blending colors

Using Mesh tool

Using Gradient Mesh Menu command

Creating realistic 3d rendered mesh objects




Module 10 : Hand Off- Saving and Exporting

Saving File formats

PDF, EPS, SVG, PSD, TIFF, Tagra, SWF and other file formats

Import vs Export commands

Using Scripts to Automate Saving Process

saving as a template

Saving For Web Media

Saving Sliced Area’s

Saving for Microsoft Office Applications

Module 11 : Portfolio Design and Freelancing




online portfolio tools and websites

online freelancing web sites and profile setup tips and tricks

Free Resources, Vectors, icons, images, Mockups etc

Ravindra Reddy

Instructor Profile

Hello, my name is Ravindra Reddy, I am from Hyderabad, India.
I am a UI UX designer with 4 years of visual design and UI UX Design experience and 16+ years of experience in teaching graphic design and Web design and SEO.
Skilled at using design systems like color, typography, grids, UX process like research, wireframes, prototyping. Confidence using tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere, Adobe XD, Figma, and flexible using of HTML, CSS, Adobe Dreamweaver, WordPress, Google Analytics, and SEO.

Adobe Illustrator Course Duration, Course Fee, and Course Topics

Adobe Photoshop Course Duration: 1 Month

Adobe Photoshop + Adobe illustrator Duration = 1.5 Month

Adobe Photoshop Course Fee: 5000 INR

Adobe Photoshop + Adobe illustrator = 75000 INR

What you’ll learn in this training course
• The Illustrator workspace
• Essential Illustrator tools and panels
• Working with color
• Using the drawing tools
• Gradients and additional color options
• Adding and formatting text
• Placing text on a path
• Working with layers
• Working with 3d Effects
• Working with Filters
• Working with Effects
• Brading design
• Social media Designing
• Working with Mockups

  • Types of Training
  • Online
  • Classroom
  • Weekend