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Dreamweaver Course Description 

Dreamweaver Course Overview:

In this course, you will learn step-by-step instructions and in-depth explanations of the features of Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. You will first learn how to get started with Dreamweaver and how to create a website and develop a web page. Then, you will work with text, images, and links. Next, you will learn to position page content with CSS and tables. Next, you will learn how to manage a web server and files. You will then focus on using styles and style sheets for page design and page layout. Next, you will learn about collecting data with forms. Then, you will learn to add content with AP Divs. Last, you will learn about adding media and interactivity with Flash and Spry, and creating and using templates, library items and snippets.

Target Students: 

This course is intended for web developers, designers, and administrators who are familiar with the basic web programming skills HTML, CSS and Java script. Adobe Dreamweaver Course covers all the topics needed to design and develop web pages and web sites which includes adding text, images, multimedia content, adding css and interactivity using java script and form validation and spry framework to develop rich user interface web sites.

Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Work in Code view and use coding tools and features available in Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.
  • Format web pages using advanced CSS techniques.
  • Work with AP elements.
  • Work with Spry elements.
  • Create and validate forms.
  • Integrate external files with Dreamweaver.

OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this course, students will able to do :

  • Use basic HTML code to create web pages.
  • Use Adobe DreamWeaver to create web pages.
  • Create and apply Cascading Style Sheets to web pages.
  • Add images to web pages.
  • Add links and navigation to web pages.
  • Position objects with CSS and tables in web pages.
  • Manage a web server and files.
  • Use style and embedded and external style sheets for design in web pages.
  • Create forms to collect data in web pages.
  • Position objects with AP Divs to web pages.
  • Add media and interactivity with Flash and Spry to web pages.
  • Create and use templates to create web pages.
  • Work with library items and snippets to create web pages
Day wise Lesson You will learn the
1. Intro to Adobe Dreamweaver Lesson 1:  Explore the Dreamweaver workspace

Lesson 2: Code, Split,Design and Live View.

Lesson 3: Defining Site

Lesson 4: Add a folder and assets

2.  Developing a Web Page Lesson 1: Creating a New Documents

Lesson 2: Create, import, and format text

Lesson 3: Add links to web pages

Lesson 4:  Document Properties

Lesson 5:  Adding Hyperlinks and Editing.

3.  Working with Text and Cascading Style Sheets Lesson 1: Create un ordered and ordered lists

Lesson 2: Create, apply and edit cascading style sheets

Lesson 3: Add rules and attach cascading style sheets

Lesson 4:  Use coding tools to view and edit rules

4.Adding Images Lesson 1: Insert and align images

Lesson 2: Enhance an image and use alternate text

Lesson 3:  Insert a background image and perform site maintenance

Lesson 4: Add graphic enhancements

5.Working with Links and Navigation


Lesson 1: Create external and internal links

Lesson 2: Create internal links to named anchors

Lesson 3:  Create, modify, and copy a spry menu bar

Lesson 4:  Create an image map

Lesson 5:  manage Website Links

6.Positioning Objects with CSS and Tables Lesson 1: Create a page using CSS layouts

Lesson 2: Add content to CSS layout blocks

Lesson 3: Edit content in CSS layout blocks

Lesson 4:  Create a table

Lesson 5:  Resize, split, and merge cells

Lesson 6:  Insert and align images in table cells

Lesson 7: Insert text and format cell content

7.Managing a Web Server and Files Lesson 1: Perform website maintenance

Lesson 2: Publish a website and transfer files

Lesson 3: Check files out and in

Lesson 4: Cloak files

Lesson 5: Import and export a site definition

Lesson 6: Evaluate web content for legal use

Lesson 7: Present a website to a client

8.Using Styles and Style Sheets for Design Lesson 1: Create and use embedded styles

Lesson 2: Modify embedded styles

Lesson 3: Work with external style sheets

Lesson 4: Work with conflicting styles

9.Collecting Data with Forms Lesson 1: Plan and create a form

Lesson 2: Edit and format a form

Lesson 3: Work with form objects

Lesson 4: Test and process a form

10.Positioning Objects with AP Divs



Lesson 1: Insert and AP Div

Lesson 2: Set the position and size of an AP element

Lesson 3: Add content to an AP element

Lesson 4: Set AP element properties

11. Adding Media and

Interactivity with Flash and Spry

Lesson 1: Add and modify flash objects

Lesson 2: Add rollover images

Lesson 3: Add behaviours

Lesson 4: Add flash video

12.Creating and Using Templates. Lesson 1: Create templates with editable regions

Lesson 2: Use templates to create pages

Lesson 3: Use templates to update a site

Lesson 4: Use advanced template options

13.Working with Library Items and Snippets. Lesson 1: Create and modify library items

Lesson 2: Add library items to pages

Lesson 3: Add and modify snippets