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Adobe Dreamweaver Course

Many designers have some fear to write a piece of code to build web apps because coding is not their cup of coffee adobe Dreamweaver is acting like a mentor he holds your hand and take you into the world of coding without any fear. it provides features a designer became a coder. Start weaving your Dream website.

Adobe Dreamweaver- Training – Course Overview

Adobe Dreamweaver Training Course - Overview

Adobe Dreamweaver training course you will learn to create professional-looking websites, styling websites, add images, adding tables, adding predefined javascript widgets, inserting code snippets, adding hyperlinks, adding bookmarks, adding CSS animations and CSS transitions, using front end frameworks, etc. you will also learn hosting from Dreamweaver and checking broken links and advanced automation features.

What you’ll learn in this training course

Web Design basics
Intro to Front End technologies IDE’s
Advantages of Dreamweaver compare to other IDE’s
Working with Dreamweaver sites
Adding Text and Images
Formatting with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Working with Tables
Fine-tuning your workflow
Adding Audio, Video, and Animations
Managing your website

Adobe Dreamweaver Course Content

Module 1: Essentials of Web

Design and layout tools
Site management
File Transfer Protocol
Coding environment and editor
Mobile design and development
Workspace features
The role of web browsers
An introduction to HTML
Explorations in code

Module 2: Working Dreamweaver Site Setup Process

Understanding Sites and pages
Creating a new Site
Advanced site-creation options
Adding pages
Saving a page to your site
Defining page properties
Changing work views
Looking at the Files panel
Viewing local files
Selecting and editing files

Module 3: Adding Text and Images in Webpages

Using type and images
Adding text
Introducing styles
Previewing pages in a web browser
Creating hyperlinks
Inserting images
Linking images
Editing images
Optimizing images
Updating images

Module 4: CSS introduction and CSS Panels in Dreamweaver

Understanding Cascading Style Sheets
Creating and modifying styles
Creating a class style with the Property
Inspector Creating styles with the
CSS Styles panel Using advanced CSS formatting
Putting Div tags and CSS IDs to use
Saving internal vs. external style sheets
Attaching external style sheets
Modifying attached style sheets
Creating a new .css file

Module 5: Working With Tables

Using tables in web design
Importing table data
Modifying table structure
Formatting tables with HTML
Formatting tables with CSS
Advanced CSS styling of tables
Reusing CSS for other tables
Sorting data in tables

Module 6: Site Workflow Process

Working more efficiently
Customizing the workspace
Adding Favorites
Using the Insert bar
Resizing the document window
Changing the Zoom level
Using guides
Using grids
The Tag Selector
Tiling documents

Module 7: Working With Multimedia Content

Making web content interesting
Inserting Flash movies
Choosing the right video format
Adding video
Incorporating Flash Video
QuickTime video and Windows Media
Adding video controls
Understanding plug-ins
Choosing the right audio format
Inserting sound

Module 8: Managing your website

Working with the Files panel
Creating a remote connection
Viewing files on a remote server
Transferring files
Checking links sitewide
Generating site reports
Checking browser compatibility
Adding metadata
Launching your site
Getting help and the reference guides

Module 9: Domains and Web Hosting

What is Web Domain
Types of Domains
What is Hosting
Types of Web Hosting
Hosting web site
Understanding Cpanel
Email Creation

Module 10 : Introduction to SEO

What is SEO
Importance of SEO
Types of SEO
on-page SEO
off-page SEO
SEO Free Tools
SEO Paid Tools
Implementing SEO on All Pages
Adding a website to Google (Search Console)
SEO Audit and Reporting

Ravindra Reddy

Instructor Profile

Hello, my name is Ravindra Reddy, I am from Hyderabad, India.
I am a UI UX designer with 4 years of visual design and UI UX Design experience and 16+ years of experience in teaching graphic design and Web design and SEO.
Skilled at using design systems like color, typography, grids, UX process like research, wireframes, prototyping. Confidence using tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere, Adobe XD, Figma, and flexible using of HTML, CSS, Adobe Dreamweaver, WordPress, Google Analytics, and SEO.

Adobe Dreamweaver Course Duration, Course Fee, and Course Topics

Adobe Dreamweaver Course Duration: 1 Month 

HTML+CSS + Adobe Dreamweaver Duration = 1.5 month

Dailly: 1 Hour Class and 30. Min Handon Practicals

Alternate Dayes Classes

Monday to Friday

Total No Hours: 15 to 20 Hours

Adobe Dreamweaver Course Fee: 5000 INR

HTML+CSS + Adobe Dreamweaver = 7500 INR

What you’ll learn in this training course
Adobe Dreamweaver Workspace
Adobe Dreamweaver Properties and Tool Pannel
Adobe Dreamweaver Site Setup
Adobe Dreamweaver file Window
Adobe Dreamweaver Design, code, and split windows
Working with Text
Formating text
Working with Hyperlinks
Working with Images
Working with Tables
Working with Frames
Working with Frameset
Working with Forms
Working with Special Characters
Working with Meta Data
Working with CSS
Working with Javascript
Domain and Hosting
Site Management

  • Types of Training
  • Online
  • Classroom
  • Weekend