5 essentials for SEO image optimization

    5 essentials for SEO image optimization[spacer height=”20px”]

    Why we need Image optimization in SEO?

    The Alt (Alternate text for google crawlers ) it is and html attribute for img tag. ALT probably the most important image optimization techinique for SEO. Alt stands for alternate. The text in the alt tag is displayed in place of the image if the image can not be shown or is taking too long to load. Most of the major search engines are text-based, i.e they can not read images and videos.

    Step#1: File Names Matter [spacer height=”20px”]

    Make sure that the names of the images you include are targeted towards your content, and not generic image names such as”DSC1205″. If your blog post is about cooking pizza, an image called “pizza ingredients” or “pizza how to” would be very suitable. Google take image names into consideration when ranking your content, so always remember that!

    Step#2: Alt text (Alternate Text for Google Spiders )

    If your page fails to load properly, your images may not load either. Alt text basically describes what your image is about to search engines and users with low internet speed which results in their images not loading. Similarly, blind readers and those with disabilities can get the Alt text read to them. It helps a lot of people, and Google loves to see it too.

    It might be an opportunity to slip in a keyword too, but don’t add the keyword to every single image you have. That would be a bad, bad mistake.

    Step#3: Check Your Image SEO Automatically

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    Image SEO can become tedious especially when you have so many images to check. That’s why you should automate it.

    This tool checks the alt text of each image on the page you provide. It checks to see if the keywords conform to Google’s quality guidelines and if they are an adequate length. It also checks the sizes of the images themselves, and make sure that they are of a suitable size. You will also find an astonishing number of other on-page SEO tools on the site. (www.feedthebot.com/alt)

    Step#4: Seo Optimized Images Plugin

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    The SEO Optimized Images plugin lets you dynamically insert Seo Friendly alt attributes and title attributes to your Images . Simply activate the plugin, provide the pattern and you are ready to go.

    The plugin dynamically replaces the alt tags, title tags and does not make changes to the database. So if you deactivate the plugin, everything will be back to as it was.

    You can insert image name, post title and post category in title an alt attributes of image.

    Step#6: Online ALT Text Checker(ContentForest)

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    Image Alt Text Checker.Analyze all img alt attributes from your page to spot missing tags & to find out where to optimize alt tags for SEO